Lafayette General Health to Elevate Consumer Digital Experience and Launch Online Scheduling with Kyruus

Kyruus announced today that Lafayette General Health (LGH), a leading nonprofit health system serving South-Central Louisiana, has chosen the company’s provider search, scheduling, and data management solutions to enhance access for its expanding patient community. As part of this initiative, the health system will also begin offering online scheduling for new and existing patients.

Spanning seven hospitals, LGH saw the need to improve both how it manages provider information and engages consumers on its website. To that end, LGH will start by working with Kyruus to build a complete provider directory in KyruusOne, a platform that will enable it to centralize provider data and enhance it with direct input from providers.

Once the new directory is in place, LGH will use it to power Kyruus ProviderMatch for Consumers, a robust and action-oriented provider search experience. ProviderMatch will help consumers find the providers best aligned with their needs, and an integration with LGH’s scheduling system will allow consumers to choose an available appointment and book it directly without leaving ProviderMatch.

LGH also plans to leverage the Kyruus ProviderMatch platform to give providers greater visibility into the health system’s provider network so that providers can better ascertain their colleagues’ unique clinical areas of focus as they coordinate care for their patients.

“While online scheduling has traditionally been seen as a way to attract new patients, we’re seeing a growing emphasis on its important role in retaining existing patients, too,” said Kyruus CEO Graham Gardner. “We’re excited to be working with the team at Lafayette General to help them launch online search and scheduling offerings that are both simple and seamless for their various patient populations.”

“Patient self-scheduling is a priority for LGH as we think about both convenience and ease in seeking access to care and we’re looking forward to bringing this to our communities with Kyruus,” said Michael Dozier, chief information officer at Lafayette General Health.

Read the full press release here.

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