M2GEN Rebrands to Aster Insights

The logo of Aster Insights, formerly known as M2GEN.Bioinformatics company M2GEN has announced that it is rebranding, changing its name to Aster Insights.

As the nexus between patients, researchers, and the life sciences industry, the company’s unique clinical and molecular dataset has enabled new insights for researchers and accelerated target identification and drug discovery. The rebrand reflects both the company’s 15-year history in oncology, genomics, and patient engagement while positioning Aster Insights as the market leader in oncology research and discovery.

“Aster [is] derived from the Greek word for ‘star,’ Like the explorers and navigators who have used stars to search for uncharted destinations for centuries, we are pursuing new knowledge and charting an innovative course, expanding our offerings to include new data products, consultative services, and advanced software platforms,” said Aster Insights CEO Jim Gabriele. “Our visionary roadmap is designed to help cancer researchers and industry partners navigate the complexities of precision oncology, in pursuit of a cure.”

Aster Insights uses whole exome sequencing (DNA), whole transcriptome sequencing (RNA), and germline DNA sequencing of patient samples as its baseline. The company built, and continues to manage, the Oncology Research Information Exchange Network® (ORIEN), a federated consortium of leading U.S. cancer centers, to promote increased collaboration in research and clinical trials. Most importantly, the company’s patient-centric structure is based on lifetime patient consent using the Total Cancer Care® (TCC) protocol, making this the first such longitudinal database of patients with cancer.

“The precision medicine and drug discovery markets continue to experience rapid growth, which provides a unique opportunity for Aster Insights to become synonymous with how cancer is studied and treated,” said Sandi Peterson, chairman of the board at Aster Insights. “Our new brand evolving organizational strategy, and new and enhanced product offerings illustrate our ambition to develop and grow the richest real-world dataset that includes the deepest molecular data insights available in oncology today.”

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