Microsoft and Kyruus Form Strategic Partnership to Empower Healthcare Systems

Microsoft has been looking to widen its already substantial footprint in the healthcare space. Recently it has done so by forming a strategic partnership with patient access technology innovator Kyruus. Kyruus’s ProviderMatch solution, which is now used at more than 500 hospitals across the U.S., will be integrated with Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 customer relationship management (CRM) software.

By partnering with Kyruus in this way, hospitals and health systems can integrate obtain embedded provider search as well as direct EHR scheduling capabilities in the Dynamics 365 CRM.

The partnership will allow care coordinators and schedulers to use Kyruus’s Smart Search engine to search for providers based on a multitude of factors within the context of patient scheduling in Dynamic 365. After finding the right provider in ProviderMatch, users can directly view providers’ appointment availability because of Kyruus’s built-in integrations with EHR scheduling systems. The KyruusOne data management platform powers ProviderMatch with rich, up-to-date provider data, so hospital users can match patients with the right provider based on their clinical needs, logistical requirements, and personal preferences.

To learn more or find a link to see a demo of the Dynamics 365/Kyruus partnership at work, visit this site.

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