MVP Health Care and Galileo Launch First Virtual Primary and Specialty Care Solution for Medicaid Members in New York

Galileo and MVP Health Care recently announced a partnership with a goal of giving MVP Medicaid members in New York primary and specialty care that is virtual and all-inclusive. This partnership is unlike any previous health care offering because of the two companies’ ability to provide digital healthcare access to those who had been required to see an in-person primary care physician up until this point.

Medicaid can be a difficult platform for enrollees, especially when it comes to seeking high-quality healthcare. Over the last 18 months, almost 40 percent of Medicaid members with MVP did not receive primary care. This is usually due to barriers like limited resources and time, inaccessibility of care in their own language, and transportation difficulties.

With the new partnership, MVP Medicaid members can now use Galileo’s bilingual app to talk virtually to a medical professional at any time of day. No appointments are necessary for this program, allowing waits that would have previously taken weeks to be finished in minutes. Galileo’s platform will help connect members to various care services, including pharmacies, labs, chronic condition management, acute care, and specialty care.

Galileo’s bilingual providers are experienced and culturally inclusive. They’re trained to deliver primary and behavioral healthcare and offer fast access to improvement upon chronic condition management, multispeciality care, and skipping unneeded ER trips.

Galileo Founder and CEO Thomas Lee said, “We built Galileo as a new gold standard in medicine — designed to improve the quality and reliability of care for complex and diverse populations, in both rural and urban communities. We are excited to partner with an innovative leader such as MVP and offer premium healthcare to their Medicaid members in New York.”

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