Ochsner brings new healthcare experience to Louisiana with virtual visits

Louisiana-based Ochsner Health System is now offering its patients a virtual visit platform for urgent care visits. The system, called Ochsner Anywhere Care, is powered by a partnership with American Well. It gives consumers the ability to connect with board-certified primary care providers for secure, live, on-demand video visits.

“Sometimes patients can’t get off work or they might have transportation issues. Missing work, trying to arrange child care, and fighting traffic can sometimes hinder someone from taking care of themselves,” said Ochsner Baton Rouge Regional Medical Director Dr. Aldo Russo. “Telemedicine does not apply to every condition or every patient, but we value our patients’ time and want to give them control of when and how they seek care. Anywhere Care is … quick, easy, and affordable.”

Ochsner Anywhere Care allows patients to connect with providers using a secure, interactive video interface that can be used by smartphone, tablet, or personal computer, and it can be done from home, from work, or on the go. It’s available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The platform provides medical advice and treatment for low-acuity conditions like stomach aches, sore throat, ear aches, or fever. Providers can diagnose, prescribe medications as needed, and suggest follow-up care. Most importantly, Ochsner Anywhere Care provides a link back to the patient’s electronic medical record; after-visit summaries are added to Ochsner’s integrated electronic health record system so patients’ care teams can easily access the information.

The Ochsner Anywhere Care mobile app is free to download on iOS or Android platforms.

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