Oncology Analytics Announces Rebrand to OncoHealth

Oncology Analytics has changed its name to OncoHealth, a forward-looking rebrand for the company’s vision of the future and its focus on helping people through their cancer journey.

“OncoHealth represents our evolution of better aligning the way we serve clients and the way our clients access digital health solutions on behalf of their oncology members, patients, and employees,” Rick Dean, CEO of OncoHealth, said. “Our innovation and focus on digital health in oncology over the past 36 months has propelled year-over-year revenue growth of 45%, customer retention of 100%, and customer growth of 500%, all while remaining relentlessly focused on improving the lives of patients with cancer.”

Cancer patients today have more options than ever, thanks to an uptick in FDA approvals for oncology-related drug indications. In 2020, there were 66 new anti-cancer drug approvals—as compared to 42 in 2019. And 2021 shows no indications of slowing down; 34 new oncology indications were approved by the FDA in the first half of the year alone.

As the oncology-related drug landscape continues to drastically change, OncoHealth intends to be there to help health plans, employers, providers, patients, and life science researchers better understand trends and manage costs.

In addition to a new name, OncoHealth has also rolled out a new website (www.oncohealth.us), brand identity, core photography, and more to better represent the diverse range of ages, races, genders, and backgrounds of individuals impacted by cancer. The focus is on the people, not the disease.

“Our new look is a visual depiction of what our brand stands for: inclusivity, hope, support, and trust,” said Jennifer Haas, Senior Vice President, Marketing at OncoHealth. “Our photography, color palette, and integration of the stepping stones from our logo into our imagery all represent OncoHealth’s vision of helping people live their journey, not cancer’s.”

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