Piedmont Healthcare Selects Kyruus’ Suite of Patient-Provider Matching Solutions

Piedmont Healthcare, a nonprofit healthcare organization located in Georgia that serves nearly two million people, has selected Kyruus’ ProviderMatch™ Product Suite to make its system more user-friendly and accessible to patients. Piedmont Healthcare, which operates a total of seven hospitals, chose the ProviderMatch™ Product Suite as a way to standardize its system across multiple locations.

The benefit of the ProviderMatch™ Product Suite is that it delivers a consistent user experience across multiple channels. With one of the largest referral networks in the country, ProviderMatch™ allows healthcare professionals to pair patients with the right providers.

For Katie Logan, Vice President of Experience at Piedmont Healthcare, switching to this type of system is precisely the kind of leg-up that her organization needed.

“We knew if we were going to differentiate ourselves in a big way, we had to take a holistic approach and not just improve access in a single channel. Kyruus’ multi-channel solution enables us to make it easy for patients, agents, and providers alike to find and schedule appointments with the right providers,” Logan stated.

Graham Gardner, CEO of Kyruus, believes that standardizing healthcare using one all-inclusive system will improve patient experience across the board.

“The ability to offer a positive and consistent patient experience across points of access—from scheduling an appointment to ensuring the right referral—is critical for patient satisfaction and retention,” Graham stated. “Piedmont Healthcare is a true thought leader on patient experience and we are honored to work with this team as they set a new standard around enterprise-wide patient access.”

Kyruus is a McKesson Ventures portfolio company. To read more about Piedmont Healthcare and Kyruus’ ProviderMatch™, read the press release on BusinessWire here.