PokitDok Launches on AWS Marketplace, Becomes APN Advanced Technology Partner

At this year’s annual Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society conference (HIMSS 2017), PokitDok announced that its platform is now available on the AWS Marketplace in the newly launched Healthcare & Life Sciences category. AWS consumers will now have access on the secure cloud to a toolset for developing digital health applications.

“As the only industry that skipped the internet, healthcare is now 20 years behind as it rushes to respond to cost pressures, an uncertain regulatory environment, and growing security concerns,” said PokitDok co-founder and CEO Lisa Maki. “Centralized, on-premise systems can be vulnerable. Shifting to AWS allows the industry to both satisfy compliance requirements and leapfrog to the future.”

PokitDok’s partnership with AWS is part of its bigger strategy of strategic partnerships meant to help the company broaden access to its API solutions and support innovation in healthcare.

AWS Marketplace allows users to discover, test, procure, and deploy software, bringing together certified software tools like PokitDok.

“PokitDok is a leading offering which healthcare organizations depend on to build applications that securely store, process, and transmit personal health information,” said Barry Russell, AWS Marketplace’s General Manager, Global Business Development. “Customers…want access to software like PokitDok that is available for immediate purchase and deployment from AWS Marketplace.”

As part of AWS Marketplace, PokitDok will offer bundled plans that allow patients to check in, handle health insurance administration, calculate out of pocket estimates, and much more. PokitDok currently connects to more than 500 health insurers and payers, enabling seamless data exchange for things like insurance enrollment, eligibility checks, claims processing, authorizations, and medical referrals.

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