PokitDok Receives EHNAC HIE, Healthcare Cloud Accreditations

Healthcare technology company PokitDok was recently accredited by the Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC).

PokitDok, which is a McKesson Ventures portfolio company, satisfied the prerequisites for both the Outsourced Services Accreditation Program (OSAP) for Health Information Exchange (HIE) and the Cloud-Enabled Accreditation Program (CEAP). The company was assessed on several different categories, including business practices, organizational resources, privacy, security, technical capabilities, and outsourcing policies and procedures.

Lee Barrett, Executive Director of EHNAC, said privacy and security remain top priorities as the company moves forward with their cloud-based technology.

“Information technology in the cloud—especially in the healthcare industry, which involves valuable (PHI)—presents a critically unique set of privacy and security challenges when it comes to healthcare data exchange,” Barrett stated. “Organizations such as PokitDok are leading the movement toward ensuring superior capabilities in the areas of privacy, security and standards by seeking to further demonstrate their commitment to these security measures above and beyond.”

Concerns over privacy and security continue to mount as a growing number of tech companies begin to outsource their labor. PokitDok, like many other healthcare IT companies, has been forced to go overseas due a number of reasons, one of which is a shortage of tech labor in the U.S.

According to a Harvey Nash survey conducted in November 2016, the technology skills shortage has risen to the highest level since the recession nearly a decade ago. On top of that, a lot of tech companies have chosen to outsource their labor since a lot of these positions do not require full-time employees.

“Outsourcing of various services has become a large and growing need for healthcare organizations that seek to create operational efficiencies and reduce costs,” Barrett explained. “To be classified amongst the EHNAC OSAP-accredited organizations, PokitDok has met a high standard in these areas as it relates to consent, authorization, authentication, access and audit procedures and therefore establishes themselves among an elite group of trustworthy partners.”

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