How Top Health Systems are Scaling COVID-19 Vaccine Scheduling with Kyruus

Kyruus Chief Technology Officer Chris Gervais recently wrote on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) blog about how Kyruus has been able to help health systems scale COVID-19 vaccination scheduling thanks to Kyruus and AWS technology.

Knowing they needed a way to handle the increasing demand for vaccinations while maintaining access to other services, the majority of Kyruus’ customers turned to technology. Two things were clear: they needed a solution that was intuitive and consumer-friendly, and they needed a solution and vendor relationship that could scale with their needs and the needs of their patients.

At the beginning of the pandemic, Kyruus started by extending the core capabilities of its platform to enable online scheduling for COVID-19 tests and telehealth visits, and more recently, online scheduling for vaccine visits. To date, the company has helped its customers to book more than 400,000 vaccine visits to date.

Kyruus was able to expand its ProviderMatch platform to meet the needs of vaccine scheduling by adding validation questions to confirm that the person meets current criteria. Healthcare organizations could use ProviderMatch to schedule online through direct integration with their EHR platforms or through the company’s stand-alone appointment management solution.

Being able to serve all its customers and the various ways they use its platform meant building on AWS to take advantage of secure, elastic capabilities that can easily scale as needed. In order to insure it could reliably meet all its customers’ needs, as well as sustain dramatic surges in platform use related to vaccine scheduling, Kyruus extended its architecture through its partnership with AWS.

Kyruus has been ale to capture and share best practices for vaccine appointment scheduling from across its nationwide customer base, facilitating discussions and writing blog posts to share the insights with others. As the needs of its health system customers and their communities evolve, Kyruus will continue to improve its solution and prepare its customers for the general public vaccine rollout phase.

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