Startup Insider: 4 Questions with Kyruus CEO Graham Gardner

According to Kyruus co-founder and CEO Graham Gardner, the 2011 movie Moneyball (about how Billy Bean used analytics to improve the performance of the Oakland As) has had a huge influence on how Kyruus was built.

“If statistics could be used to determine when to put a player up to bat, why couldn’t we use data to inform when to put physicians up to bat?” Gardner mused in a recent interview with Becker’s Hospital Review.

The biggest challenge in healthcare right now, according to Gardner, is the lack of complete, current, and reliable information about providers. This makes determining the “right” provider for any given situation that much more difficult.

Cue Kyruus and its new tech offerings. “Our technology platform’s ability to synthesize this data and build the digital inventory for a health system has been essential in helping schedulers route patients to the ‘right’ providers in their network,” Gardner explained.

But tech isn’t a simple answer to healthcare conundrums. While healthcare has the reputation for being 30 years behind other industries—self-service scheduling hit the airline industry decades ago, for instance—healthcare needs are more complex, and so the technology must be, too. Additionally, making a big change in how health information is stored and organized can have a huge impact on the system’s ability to provide vital care to patients. That makes it more than just a slight inconvenience when things go wrong.

This is why Kyruus works so closely with each individual healthcare system using its technology to ensure that the transition happens smoothly. As a company, Kyruus also focuses on hiring the right people and maintaining the appropriate company culture.

“We have adopted Moneyball as a guiding principle for our team and culture as much as we have for our product vision,” Gardner said. “We believe each employee has something special to contribute, and we foster an environment that allows them to tap into their talents.”

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