TytoCare home diagnostics device now sold at Best Buy

Retail electronics chain Best Buy recently announced a new partnership with Israeli health tech company TytoCare to carry the company’s digital diagnostics kit.

The kits will be available at Best Buy stores in California, North and South Dakota, Ohio, and Minnesota, as well as through Best Buy’s website.

TytoHome, as the device is known, has the option of using the device with LiveHealth Online’s consultation service, which is offered through American Well. Tyto is also partnering with regional healthcare systems including Sanford Health, which operates in Minnesota and North and South Dakota.

“We’re excited to partner with Best Buy, LiveHealth Online, American Well, and regional health systems to extend our on-demand telehealth platform across the U.S., enhancing primary care delivery,” said TytoCare Chief Executive and Co-founder Dedi Gilad.

The TytoHome kit costs $299. It includes attachments that act as a thermometer, a stethoscope, an otoscope, and a tongue depressor. It includes a camera so that doctors can tell remote patients where to position the device to get the most accurate readings. It’s designed to reduce the cost of checkups by enabling remote monitoring by doctors. Tyto previously sold the TytoHome kit through healthcare plans.

Tyto says the TytoHome kit is ideal for diagnosing minor illnesses like ear infections, colds, sore throats, and rashes, without unnecessarily exposing patients to germs in hospitals or doctors’ waiting rooms.

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