University of Miami Health System Selects Kyruus ProviderMatch™ to Optimize Patient Experience Across Its Call Center and Website

The University of Miami Health Systems, also known as UHealth, will be using the ProviderMatch™ system to enhance patient experience and increase accessibility.  

ProviderMatch™, from big data company Kyruus, is designed to deliver a consistent patient experience across various points of access. The multi-channel platform features an advanced referral network that is used to match patients with the right provider.

At the University of Miami Health System, we know that delivering an exceptional patient experience is essential to stand out in a competitive market,” said Roymi V. Membiela, Chief Experience Officer and Associate Vice President of Marketing and Communications at UHealth. “That experience begins with the first interaction a patient has with us. As such, it’s critical for us to identify the most appropriate provider quickly and easily, based on the needs of each patient—a key reason we chose Kyruus’ multi-channel solution.”

Dr. Thinh Tran, Chief Clinical Officer and Chief Operating Officer at UHealth, agrees. He believes that making patient satisfaction a top priority is not only beneficial to patients, but agents as well.

“With the 15,000-term Kyruus Clinical Library, our providers can configure extremely detailed profiles, making it significantly easier for patients and agents to make more clinically-appropriate matches,” Dr. Tran stated. “We’re committed to ensuring our patients can find the right providers for their needs and that providers, in turn, can see the patients requiring their specific clinical focus area.”

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