US Venture Capital Fund McKesson Ventures Leads £2.25M Investment in UK Dementia Start-Up, a UK-based dementia start-up, just earned a £2.25M in an investment round led by US-based venture capital firm McKesson Ventures.

There are currrently 47 million people in the world living with dementia, 850,000 of which live in the UK. And if the latest calculations prove to be correct, there will be 135 million people living with dementia by 2050.

This poses a huge problem, considering those suffering from the disease have little to no resources available to help them cope with daily challenges. But that’s all changing, thanks to a specialized line of products that Unforgettable is developing.

“We are on a mission to make simple, affordable solutions accessible to those affected by dementia on a global scale,” said James Ashewell, founder of Unforgettable. “Our partnership with McKesson Ventures will allow us to deliver this faster.”

The investment by McKesson Ventures marks one of the first UK social business investments by a major international venture capital fund.

“There’s no question, Unforgettable is serving a rapidly growing unmet need in healthcare and in our society generally,” Tom Rodgers, SVP and Managing Director of McKesson Ventures, stated. “We see an opportunity to help the company scale and continue to advance care while enabling dementia patients to age at home and supporting them and their care givers at each step of the journey. We also believe that over time McKesson may help enable an omnichannel experience for this underserved and critically important disease state.”