Vivante Health Joins Accolade Trusted Supplier Program

Vivante Health, a provider of digital medicine tools for digestive health and disease, has joined the Accolade Partner Ecosystem as part of the company’s Trusted Supplier Program.

GIThrive is Vivante’s digital gut health platform. Using proprietary algorithms and data from each user’s symptom and food log, GIThrive aims to anticipate GI symptom flares before they strike, helping users avoid possible triggers and high-cost medical interventions. GIThrive members have direct access to a registered dietitian for personal nutrition support. The program includes therapies proven to reduce inflammation and relieve GI symptoms, not only for people with chronic conditions like IBS, Crohn’s disease, or celiac disease, but also for people with common GI symptoms like heartburn and gas.

More than 70 million Americans are battling GI symptoms, and research shows they are not getting the support they need including behavioral health, nutrition, managing medications, and education about their condition. “We are incredibly excited to partner with Accolade, a trusted name in employee benefits, to bring this digestive support to the thousands who need it,” said Bill Snyder, Vivante’s president and chief commercial officer.

“Healthcare is complex, fragmented, and personal, and our ability to dramatically improve the experience means integrating with solutions—like Vivante—that show material impact on your health,” said Accolade Chief Product Officer Mike Hilton. “Millions of people are struggling with comorbid conditions, as health is always about the whole person, not just one condition. Digestive health issues have a direct correlation to mental health and overall well-being, and so integrated partnerships and care plans are key to creating personalized and holistic experiences for members.”

Vivante Health Founder and CEO Kimon Angelides said, “We are delighted to partner with Accolade, a leader in re-establishing what’s important in healthcare, that person-to-provider relationship, which is key in helping those with digestive conditions. I have known the folks at Accolade for years [and] I am so pleased we can offer GIThrive in partnership with them.”

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