2016 #OWHIC Summit Preview: Accolade’s Tom Spann on the Magic Formula for Consumer Engagement

The fourth annual Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Summit will commence on September 21, 2016. The three-day summit, held in Chicago, is centered on “The Consumer Imperative: Transforming Healthcare From the Outside In.” This year’s summit will feature a carefully selected panel of industry leaders who will discuss how they’ve used consumer trends to their advantage.

Healthcare concierge Accolade has had tremendous success with their consumer-centered approach (Accolade recently raised more than $70 million in Series E funding). As a sneak-peak of the what’s to come, Oliver Wyman has released a preview interview with Accolade’s Founder and Vice Chairman, Tom Spann.

Tom Spann reports that Accolade’s Net Promoter Score is in the 70s, which well exceeds the below-20 level scores that plague most healthcare companies. His advice on attaining such a high score?

“Start with the customer. Ask people what they want, figure out what they want even if they don’t know what it is, build products that create an awesome consumer experience, and be authentic in your approach.”

Spann also credits “influence science” as part of the reason his company has been so successful. Influence science integrates social sciences with neurosciences to better understand how human interaction affects personal decision-making. Accolade has used the theory to apply social engagement tactics that are catered to each individual consumer.

“Consumers want the option to engage with someone personally, online and through mobile channels, especially when it comes to managing their health. So we extend this integrated approach to continuously improve and evolve our solution with meaningful data derived from insights on life context and personal circumstances, to the costs associated with individual decisions and the impact on outcomes.”

To read the full interview preview, click here.