Accolade Acquires MD Insider for Machine Learning Physician Performance

Seattle-based Accolade, a provider of personalized advocacy solutions for employers, has acquired MD Insider, a Santa Monica, California-based provider of machine learning-enabled physician performance transparency. With the acquisition of MD Insider, Accolade is launching Accolade Total Care, a product that combines data-driven physician quality insights with cost transparency, which will ensure best health outcomes while reducing costs to patients and their employers.

MD Insider, founded in 2012, has a team of data scientists, software engineers, and health care experts who developed a platform that takes huge volumes of performance data about physicians and analyzes it to algorithmically identify key insights into physician quality and experience. This information enables MD Insider’s products to match patients with the right doctors.

Combined with Accolade’s network of personal health care assistants, the Accolade Total Care suite will help the company’s health assistants and nurse representatives to use data intelligence generated from more than 13 billion claims representing 225 million patients, 950,000 physicians, and 1.8 million total providers to present the best primary care doctor or specialist to the company’s members, so that each member can make their decision informed by data.

“Physician performance has a material impact on the quality, experience, and cost of health care,” said MD Insider CEO Eric Wilson. “We’re excited to join the Accolade team and see the power of our provider data insight put into the hands of millions of individuals, their families, and Accolade nurses.”

With access to MD Insider’s world-class machine learning platform, Accolade’s staff will be able to use an intelligent platform to analyze physician quality based on a range of factors including diagnosis, procedure and condition-specific clinical experience, network status, education, and risk-adjusted outcome metrics such as complications and readmission rates.

Accolade Total Care will be available in early 2020.

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