Can AI Make Your Health Insurance Better? Accolade Thinks So

On-demand healthcare concierge Accolade has developed a new system that combines artificial intelligence with machine learning technology to make delivery of healthcare services more efficient and proactive. Called Maya Intelligence Engine, the system provides customized healthcare assistance to individuals and their families.

This new development puts Accolade one step closer towards its goal of providing the “most personalized healthcare experience.” Here’s how it works.

Maya Intelligence Engine gathers information from the user’s medical history and personal demographics to determine which services or actions to recommend. Maya can also explain the parameters of the provider network, or, if requested, connect the user to a human assistant by phone.

In an interview with ZDNet, Accolade’s Chief Product Officer Mike Hilton said that the conventional business healthcare model is to target the sickest 5% of the customer population, reach out to them, and then use analytics to decide what their next course of action should be. Hilton said that customers don’t really like this approach and participation rates are usually low.

With Maya, Accolade is revolutionizing this approach. The company is looking beyond the sickest 5% in order to target healthy customers as well —making AI software just as useful to robust customers as it is to sick customers.

If a young, healthy person were to use this service, for example, Maya would likely recommend a low-intervention treatment plan. This interactive software might point them towards one of Accolade’s online tools or a third-party resource that could help them stay healthy.

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NOTE: The article linked above was originally published at ZDNet.