Concur co-founders on their new healthcare tech adventure, and why the space is so interesting to disrupt

Concur co-founders Raj Singh and Mike Hilton recently spoke with GeekWire about life after Concur, the travel and expense management company they cofounded with Steve Singh nearly 27 years ago.

Today, the two are over a year into their tenure at healthcare tech startup Accolade as CEO and Chief Product Officer, respectively.

Accolade, a McKesson Ventures portfolio company, aims to help patients navigate the healthcare system—a challenge that Singh and Hilton say is both complex and full of opportunity.

“It’s very difficult to affect change,” Hilton told GeekWire. “You can either see that as a challenge or as an opportunity. I see tremendous opportunity.”

Singh noted that other developed countries are able to realize better outcomes for patients, often at half the cost or less than what the U.S. currently spends on healthcare per person. Part of the problem, he says is that our current healthcare systems are largely regional, each with its own set of problems and consumer needs.

Listen to the full interview with Singh, Hilton, and GeekWire editors John Cook and Todd Bishop here.