Diversity in Clinical Trials: A Regulatory Imperative

A recent study has shown that Americans of color participating in clinical trials received significantly less inclusion than white Americans. This analysis, conducted by Komodo Health, shows that 85% of participants in oncology trials were white over the past five years. For reference, black participants made up only 7% of the trial population. This should be further scrutinized as black patients currently have the highest mortality and lowest survival rate of any other ethnic/racial group in nearly all types of cancer cases. 

Komodo has reaffirmed that it will continue to place a high priority on promoting racial & ethnic diversity in clinical trials, as well as recognizing the crucial role this plays in gathering accurate and actionable medical data. As stated by CEO & Co-Founder Arif Mathoo, MD, “Everyone in healthcare… play[s] a role in addressing gaps in care… we believe that we will have the ability to surface critical insights to help drive meaningful outcomes”. 

As a company, Komodo has already made notable progress in promoting diversity in clinical trials. This has included an overhaul of the company’s Healthcare Map, as well as a new approach toward the organization of clinical studies that places greater emphasis on underrepresented racial and ethnic groups. Through this strategy, Komodo will continue to strive for a future where all people have access to high-quality, personalized medical care; the bedrock of which is built upon credible data and equitable clinical studies. 

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