Inbound Health launches at-home post-surgery care

Inbound Health, a company that enables health systems and health plans to offer hospital-at-home and skilled-nursing-at-home programs, has announced that it is expanding its services to include general surgery, including orthopedics, bariatrics, and hernia.

Inbound Health spun out of its parent company, Allina Health, in October of 2022. Although the company was originally designed to take care of COVID patients, it has already diversified its services to new patient populations including people with chronic illnesses like heart failure, asthma, COPD, and kidney failure; and to patients with sepsis or pneumonia.

Once a medical team completes a clinical and environmental review to determine whether a patient is a good fit for hospital-at-home services. Generally speaking, if a patient would be clinically appropriate to continue their recovery in a hospital or post-acute care facility, they can now have the option to receive that level of care, but in a comfortable home environment through Inbound Health. The company’s program includes 24/7 health monitoring by doctors, nurses, and therapists, and home visits to support their rehab.

Inbound chose to add orthopedics, bariatrics, and hernia care and rehab services because those are high-demand services for Allina and many other health systems.

“Inbound’s ability to safely get patients out of the hospital and into their home for recovery care not only creates a better patient experience and delivers superior clinical outcomes versus traditional post-acute care. It also frees up capacity for health systems to care for more patients,” Inbound Health SVP of Customer and Growth Dave Zimmerman told VatorNews. “Allowing patients to recover in the comfort of their home, while helping to improve capacity and throughput for our partners is a rare win-win in the industry we’re excited to deliver.”

Since its launch last year, Inbound Health has conducted more than 5,600 episodes. The company has also signed a letter of intent with a health system that works in four states; the companies intend to formally announce the partnership in June 2023. It anticipated launching in three new markets by the end of 2023 and is in late-stage conversations about partnership with health systems across the U.S.

Inbound Health is planning to move into more specialties, including complex chronic heart failure patients and a hospice alternative program for people who are eligible for hospice but not ready to receive that level of care.

“If you believe some of the studies that suggest up to 30% of all hospital care could safely and effectively be done in the home, we know there is considerable runway ahead of us,” Zimmerman said.

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