Komodo Health Adds 90M Closed Lives Per Year To Expansive Healthcare Map

On Thursday, December 7th, medical technology company Komodo Health announced that it has expanded its Healthcare Map to include 90 million new closed patient lives annually, as a result of new partnerships it has made with third parties. This includes patients from Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial plans, among others. Access to this data allows Komodo to further increase the capability of its medical data and research, which allows the company to offer much improved prescribing trends, referral patterns, and patient histories to its partners. 

Co-Founder and CEO of Komodo Health, Arif Nathoo, MD, expressed his excitement in the press release, stating, “While others are still promoting individual data sources that are biased, poor quality, and suffer from problematic levels of lag, Komodo has set a new standard for reliability by integrating insights from all corners of the healthcare ecosystem”. He went on to say, “At Komodo, our clients don’t just see data; they see balanced representation and accurate insights via seamless enterprise technology solutions to improve the lives of patients.” 

The announcement of this expansion is the latest in a long line of developments Komodo has made in recent history. In April, it announced the launch of its new MapEnhance technology, as well as the reveal of its MapLab solution in September. For more information about the expansion of Komodo’s healthcare map, view the full press release below. 

Read the full press release here. 

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