Komodo Health Unveils New Annual Report Illuminating the State of Data Mining in Life Sciences

In a new survey, Komodo Health benchmarked the state of real-world data (RWD) and analytics. The survey, which is the first of its kind, explores the complexities of generating meaningful insights and the challenges life sciences teams face in making forward progress.

RWD offers seemingly boundless potential, but Komodo’s survey found that organizations spend an average of seven months or more integrating and cleaning data before it can reliably be used for generating insights. For larger life sciences companies, this time range can be even longer.

This first annual survey identified the following top challenges to using RWD effectively:

  • Complex data curation
  • Time investment
  • Heavy reliance on consultants
  • Lack of internal data expertise and siloed teams
  • Data integration and quality limitations

The survey also identified challenges specific to the individual teams’ roles in the product lifecycle, including commercial, HEOR, and clinical development.

“The findings from this survey shine a light on the complexities and barriers to data and analytics software usage, which delay time to critical information that could benefit patients,” said Komodo Health President and Co-Founder, Web Sun. “With this new survey, we see even more clearly the opportunity for Komodo’s full-stack technology solutions to streamline, accelerate, and centralize insight generation across the Life Sciences enterprise.”

Read the full press release on the survey’s findings here.