Kyruus Launches ProviderMatch™ Analytics With Real-Time Patient Access Insights for Health Systems

Kyruus, a healthcare company that specializes in patient access solutions, has just unveiled the latest version of ProviderMatch Analytics—an in-app reporting system that yields meaningful insights about how patients navigate the healthcare system.

Using advanced technology, ProviderMatch Analytics is able to track patient access trends in real-time. Search queries reveal the exact path that patients take in finding a provider, as well as how often those queries lead to appointment bookings. ProviderMatch Analytics is then able to calculate conversion rates based on these findings.

This type of data is invaluable to healthcare providers, who use this it to enhance their online systems. Julie Yoo, Chief Product Officer at Kyruus, believes that this information is key to improving patient access.

“Enabling our health system partners to obtain insight into their system-wide scheduling activity and provider network composition is central to our mission to improve patient access,” Yoo stated. “Through this latest version of our analytics solution, we’ve made it easier and faster for our customers to understand the access channel dynamics and provider networks at their health systems, enabling more data-driven decision making related to access.”

ProviderMatch Analytics is also capable of assessing clinical coverage across a network. This added benefit allows providers to track referral trends. Other advanced features include the ability to customize date ranges, export and embed files, and convert findings into charts and graphs.

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