Matternet’s automated drone-docking station makes its real-life debut in Switzerland

Matternet has debuted its Matternet Station automated landing space and payload control tower at a hospital in Lugano, Switzerland.

Looking something like a 10-foot-tall flower, the Matternet Station provides a safe place for a cargo drone to land, swap out its battery, and store its cargo, while preventing unauthorized access to parcels through a key card system. The idea is to integrate it with the usual hospital security protocols for access to restricted areas.

“The Station is critical for unlocking scalable drone delivery at attractive unit economics,” said Matternet CEO Andreas Raptopoulos. “Its accessibility and ease of use make Matternet’s drone-as-a-service platform even more valuable to customers in healthcare and beyond, while significantly improving the sustainability of last-mile logistics. It is a critical piece of the puzzle that advances Matternet’s vision for global, city-wide drone delivery networks.”

The first Matternet Station has been deployed at the EOC Hospital Group in Lugano, but the first large-scale deployment will take place in Abu Dhabi, where Matternet is working with SkyGo and the Abu Dhabi Department of Health to build a network of 40 Stations around the city. Matternet’s M2 drones will be used to transport lightweight and urgent medical deliveries such as vaccines, blood, lab samples, or medications throughout Abu Dhabi starting in 2022.

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