McKesson Launches Ontada, an Oncology Technology and Insights Business Dedicated to Help Advance Cancer Research and Care

McKesson Corporation today announced the launch of Ontada, an oncology technology and insights business designed to support innovation, acceleration, and evidence generation to drive better outcomes for patients with cancer.

Building on McKesson’s long history in community oncology, Ontada combines its real-world data and research capabilities with a leading suite of technologies for oncology clinicians, including the iKnowMed℠ electronic health record system and Clear Value Plus℠ regimen support tool, as well as a connection to a national community oncology network to transform the fight against cancer.

Ontada’s team of data scientists and oncology experts helps life sciences companies leverage evidence-based data and insights to accelerate innovation and improve cancer therapy, while empowering providers to deliver the best care and improved outcomes for patients. Ontada will provide a number of real clinical benefits to enable life sciences companies to help bring breakthrough oncology products to market sooner and better support the entire patient journey.

The benefits Ontada can offer to providers are further enhanced through its strong relationship with McKesson’s The US Oncology Network, as well as other community oncology practices.

“At The US Oncology Network, we collaborate with practices to leverage evidence-driven care to deliver better patient outcomes,” said Michael Seiden, MD, PhD, president of The US Oncology Network. “We’re thrilled to have Ontada as a technology partner who shares our vision and will provide us with the tools and insights we need to put patients first.”

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