Oncology Analytics Appoints Dr. Lee Newcomer as Strategic Advisor

Oncology Analytics, a technology-enabled service company that provides health plans, providers, and patients with an evidence-based, analytics-focused approach to utilization management, purpose-built for oncology, has announced the appointment of Dr. Lee Newcomer as a strategic advisor.

Dr. Newcomer is a board-certified oncologist with more than 30 years of experience in oncology management, first as a practicing oncologist and later with various health insurance companies, where he has led the charge for affordable and effective cancer care.

In his role as a strategic advisor with Oncology Analytics, Dr. Newcomer will offer his extensive expertise in oncology benefits management and precision medicine to help support the company’s market and product strategy. He will also lead and chair the creation of a customer advisory board, where customers will collaborate with Oncology Analytics to provide feedback, identify priorities, and help guide the company’s future roadmap.

“Dr. Newcomer is a nationally recognized medical professional and visionary with a strong track record of success in oncology benefits management,” said Oncology Analytics CEO Rick Dean. “By combining his medical background in oncology with his business acumen, he has helped positively change the medical industry to take into account both the payer and the patient perspective. We are honored to have him as part of our team.”

Dr. Newcomer served as chief medical officer at UnitedHealth Group, and after departing that company to serve several years as medical director at Cigna, returned to UnitedHealth Group to lead a pilot initiative combining clinical, financial, and program management experts to improve the quality and affordability of cancer care. He was a founding executive of Vivius, a consumer-directed venture that allowed consumers to create their own personal health plans.

“For cancer patients to receive the right care, health plans need to keep up with the rapid changes in therapies to ensure that treatment recommendations are tailored to the specific needs of their members,” said Dr. Newcomer. “This is why I am excited to work with Oncology Analytics, as their approach to prior authorization goes beyond a simple yes or no. They understand that a patient-first approach requires collaboration with oncologists as part of the decision-making process. Oncology Analytics’ unique analytics-driven model is helping to positively shape the future of cancer care.”

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