Physician Productivity Startup Augmedix Secures $23 Million

Augmedix, a leader in smartglass-based physician productivity platforms, has announced its recent acquisition of $23 million in funding from McKesson Ventures and OrbiMed.

Augmedix’s services are based on the idea of increasing the amount of time physicians have to interact directly with patient by decreasing the amount of time spent on documentation. Augmedix’s Google Glass-powered remote scribe service frees doctors from 3 hours of charting and documentation every day. This allows them to see 25% more patients every week—without being stuck at a computer.

“Augmedix has brought together an impressive coalition of the nation’s leading health systems as its customers,” said OrbiMed Venture Partner Steven Yecies. “Across the country, Augmedix has delivered consistent and considerable improvements to physician productivity and satisfaction for the health systems they serve.”

Augmedix’s platform uses Google Glass to retrieve patient histories and document patient visits without requiring the doctor to interact with a computer. The chart notes are created in real time by remote scribes and are HIPAA compliant.

Augmedix intends to use the new funding to scale services nationwide, building out and improving its tools. One way the company will do this is by expanding its team of professional scribes and opening offices overseas so that services are available in more areas.

“We are excited to bring McKesson’s experience and ubiquitous market presence to help [Augmedix] scale to doctors across the country in the coming few years,” said Tom Rodgers, SVP and Managing Director of McKesson Ventures.

To find out more, read the press release here.