PillPack Deploys PokitDok’s Pharmacy APIs for Real-Time Pharmacy Eligibility

PokitDok and PillPack are partnering up to improve patient experiences for more than 16 million Medicare Advantage Beneficiaries and 40.5 million Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Benefit Plan recipients.

PokitDok, a McKesson Ventures portfolio company, is a cloud-based API platform that is designed to streamline healthcare transactions. By partnering with PokitDok, PillPack enables its customers to instantly find out which prescriptions are covered, how much it costs, and how their insurance applies.

PillPack primarily serves individuals that must manage multiple medications, making the process simpler by delivering pre-sorted packs of medications every two weeks. Each pack is organized by date and time, so all customers need to do is open each day’s packet and follow the dosing instructions.

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