Saama Redefines the Future of Clinical Development with Groundbreaking GenAI and Collaborative Platform Enhancements

On Monday, January 22nd, life science solutions company Saama announced a variety of new additions to its AI-based platform. The new features include the release of generative AI chat, interactive review listings, and an increased prioritization of cross-functional collaboration, among others. These changes are the latest in a long line of the company’s efforts to improve the way that clinical trials and medical research is performed. 

Chief Technology Officer and Chief Product Officer Lisa Moneymaker expressed her excitement with the announcement in Monday’s press release, saying, “These cutting-edge features embedded within the Saama platform create a collaborative environment where AI can quickly surface insights and drive users to action. The result is the breakdown of operational silos and the acceleration of development timelines.” 

Located in Campbell, CA and founded in 1997 by Suresh Katta, Saama has since established itself as a true innovator in the world of AI-based clinical trial and medical analytics offerings. Over the past month, Saama has announced other big news, including the addition of Avi Kulkarni, PhD to the company as Saama’s new Chief Customer and Growth Officer, as well as the release of the company’s new Masterclass course on AI-driven data management. For more information, view the full press release and related materials below. 

Read the full press release here. 

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