Swisslog Healthcare Invests in PipelineRx to Establish Strategic Partnership

Swisslog Healthcare has announced that it will be investing significantly in PipelineRx. The two companies will be using their new partnership to improve hospital workflow efficiency and to provide patients with a better experience.

The two companies will be improving digitization options for their clients to ensure that healthcare remains financially viable for patients.

PipelineRx’s PowerGrid technology will be combined with Swisslog’s pharmacy automation to improve the medication supply chain across the board.

“We’re excited to work with PipelineRx and their team of telepharmacy experts, who are proving the importance of connected pharmacists in both rural and urban hospital environments on a daily basis,” said Stephan Sonderegger, CEO of Swisslog Healthcare.

Swisslog has a long history of providing pharmacy automation options, including adopting and optimizing new technologies and products. “Building on Swisslog Healthcare’s established global success in health system pharmacies, we’re looking forward to developing new products and services that will integrate with our existing telepharmacy offerings,” said PipelineRx’s CEO, Brian Roberts. “We’re proud to add another industry-leading partner to enable our strategic vision and strong financial backing.”

Swisslog Healthcare supplies material transport, medicine management, and supply chain management for healthcare facilities. Its automation systems are being used in more than 3,000 hospitals all over the world. Swisslog is also a member of the KUKA group, a leading global supplier of automation solutions.

PipelineRx brings telepharmacy services to the mix, serving individual acute and specialty hospitals via integrated delivery networks. Its work increases efficiency and includes private, cloud-based services and a distributed telepharmacist network.

Read the full press release here.