Unforgettable Dementia Product Design

Adam Vaughan, head of new product development and innovation at Unforgettable, was recently featured by the Alzheimer’s Show for his work servicing those affected by memory loss and dementia.

Vaughan became a designer to make a positive impact on the world, so when a role with Unforgettable came along he made sure to take advantage of the opportunity. With a background working in product design and strategic development for Inzenka and LEGO Group, his position at Unforgettable has allowed him to combine his past experiences into one meaningful career.

Vaughan works with support groups and organizations like the Alzheimer’s Society’s Service User Review Panels to connect with folks that will be using Unforgettable’s products – he does so to better design products to fit user needs.

He understands importance of usability, future developments, and the power of music and sleep for Alzheimer patients.

When it comes to usability, Vaughan says that it’s important create a product designs that meet patients’ various needs. For instance, Unforgettable’s day clock can help early stage patients by providing exact time of day—but for advanced patients, it focuses on more basic details, like whether it’s morning or evening.

In terms of future developments, Vaughan points to smart technology as a likely direction for the company. In particular, voice technology might help elderly people who often have trouble navigating in an ever-changing technological world.

One area Vaughan is particularly interested in developing is the use of music, which has been proven to be a powerful tool for unlocking memories and helping with communication. Unforgettable hopes to use it to promote both better sleep and brain function.

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